The Alcalde & Coalfield Shops

 Fritz's Area
This is Fritz the painter's area. He calls it the paint shop but it's just the back wall of the shop. Fritz has a thing about cameras, if he sees one in the shop all heck will break loose. Photography is my hobby and when Don the boiler maker found out he said, "Hey kid, bring yer' camera down here tomorrow and take a picture of Fritz. But be sure to surprise him, he just loves surprises". Well you can imagine what happened. When Fritz saw me setting up my camera equipment he started swearing in German, grabbed a board and lit out after me. I picked up my camera equipment and ran for my life. The worst part of it all was that I could hear Don laughing all the way past the coal chute. For a couple of weeks I had to avoid Fritz and every time Don saw me he would holler, "Hey kid lets see them photos of Fritz". And then he would practically fall on the floor laughing. I'll get him yet!



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