The Alcalde & Coalfield Shops

No.7 Rear View

All except for paint #7 is about ready to go. Mr. Lyman seems to have grown quite fond of the little mill. When she first arrived she was in quite a sorry state having sat out in the weather for many years. All the wood was rotten and the side rods along with many other parts were missing. What was still there was rusted solid. I can still hear Mr. Lyman when she arrived. "How the hell are we supposed to find the time to work on this old pile of rust when we have our hands full just trying to keep up with our own power!" Mr. Dietz of the Orange & Alexandria had dragged her out of the dead line and shipped her to the Alcalde shops, and Mr. Lyman went on to say, "Who in their right mind would spend good money on a wretched old mill like this!" Well I started knocking her down when I had time after doing my regular tasks and it was quite a job. Mr. Lyman showed me how to use a slugging wrench. For the nuts and bolts that were just too rusty to unscrew he showed me how to remove them with a cold chisel.



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