The Alcalde & Coalfield Shops

 No.475 Cab

No. 475's cab is made of oak. Tony the carpenter has been busy fitting up the windows he made, and will be planking the roof next. After planking, the roof will be covered with canvas and tarred. In the background you can see some of the workbenches and tools. As engine wiper it is my job to see that all the tools are wiped off and put away at the end of the day. The other morning I came to work and Don the boiler maker asked me, "where are them wrenches that I had here?" So I said "I wiped em off and put em on the tool board." Don replied "Whatsamatter, you got rocks in your head, can't you see I was using em." Sometimes it ain't easy being the engine wiper. In the background you can see the forge where my father Emil the black smith works. And to the right edge of the photo you can see what Fritz the painter calls "The Paint Shop". It's not really a paint shop at all, it's just the back wall of the shop where Fritz works and stores his cans of paint. Don't ever set anything down in "The Paint Shop" that's not to be painted or varnished or Fritz will have a fit! Fritz also doesn't like cameras so all my photos have to be taken very early in the morning, or in the evening when the shop is deserted.



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