#9 Saddle Tank

Saddle Tank Dies
The saddle tank dies made of MDF (medium density fiber board), and a sheet of .062" copper.

Forming the Tank Ends
Forming the saddle tank ends with the MDF die and a rawhide mallet. The ends will need to be annealed a couple times.

Formed Tank End
A fully formed tank end. The discoloration is from annealing and will be cleaned up with metal prep solution.

Riveting the Tank Together
For this you need lots of Clecos, (Clecos are the temporary spring clamps you see sticking out) lots of rivets, and fairly long arms. Riveting is one of those jobs that is fairly brainless, but you have to pay close attention to each rivet. Because if the air riveter slips off the rivet head, it will go hammering merrily off across your work piece, probably ruining it. If this happens it's time to start over! This can be a real hair raiser if it happens to something you have several days or weeks work tied up in. So you learn to pay close attention to each and every pesky little rivet.

Tank Outer Shell
The saddle tank outer shell, rolled and in the process of being drilled and fitted to the ends. There's one more piece to be rolled for the bottom, and then the tunnel for the steam dome must be made and fitted.



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