#9 Frame

#9 Eccentrics
A very early picture of #9. The plans that Roll Models sells feature Walschaerts valve gear. As I wanted an earlier looking engine I designed a Stephenson valve gear to fit. In the foreground you can see some bits that will become eccentric straps.

#9 Frame

A naked frame, lots left to do. Smoke box saddle is made, along with the lead truck equalizer, and rear frame extension.

#9 Trailing Truck

#9's trailing truck is a Forney design that was found in the 1906 Locomotive Dictionary. Although not shown in the photo it features a ball bearing side shift and spring loaded centering device to help get around tight curves.

#9 With Lead Truck

Here we have #9 with the lead truck and spring rigging done. There is a lot of work in all that spring rigging but an engine this long needs all the flexibility it can get.



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